What to Wear While E-Biking in Zion National Park

by | Aug 24, 2022

Planning your first e-bike adventure? E-biking in Zion National Park is a fun way to explore the park with your whole family. But while you might not need bike gear to enjoy your ride, wearing the right clothing can help you to stay safe and comfortable.

Keep reading to learn more about what to wear during your e-bike ride.

Skip the Cotton

Whether you’re planning a hike on a triple-digit day in Southern Utah or a chilly winter afternoon, one thing you’ll want to avoid wearing is cotton. During the summer months, moisture-wicking fabrics can help to wick your sweat away from your body to help keep you cool. The same occurs in the winter, but instead of keeping you cool, moving your sweat away from your body can help keep you from getting chilled as cool air rushes past you on your ride.

But wearing a cotton base or outer layers can do the opposite. Hikers often say that “cotton kills.”That’s because when cotton gets wet, it stops insulating your body, and instead holds that moisture against your body. It takes longer to dry than other fabrics, which means that once you sweat or get caught in a rainshower, you’ll be left feeling hot and sticky or cold and chilled until you can dry out or change clothes.

This doesn’t just go for cotton t-shirts; jeans, leggings made from cotton, and cotton sweatshirts all do the same. If you’re going for a short e-bike ride in Zion, a cotton t-shirt and shorts may be fine. But if you’re planning a full day of riding or the weather is expected to be very hot, very cold, or rainy, skip the cotton. Choose moisture-wicking fabrics like synthetics or merino wool. Clothing that you would wear hiking, running, or on a regular bike ride will be a good choice for your e-bike ride.

Opt for Layer

If you’ve ever hiked in Zion National Park, you know that the weather in the park and throughout Southern Utah can be unpredictable. A morning can start out chilly and overcast, and quickly turn into a sweltering, sunny afternoon. A sudden rain shower can drop temperatures and leave you soaked without a lot of warning. Even a crisp winter day in Zion can turn into a warm afternoon.

If you’ll be e-biking in Zion for more than an hour or so, it’s a good idea to dress in layers. Start with a cooler base layer, like shorts and a shirt in the summer, and leggings or base layers and a long-sleeved tee in the winter. Then, add an insulating mid-layer. A pair of lightweight rain pants can keep you warm on a cool morning but can be easily removed to reveal your shorts if you get warm later in the day. A fleece or down jacket is a great way to add warmth without adding bulk that will get in the way while you ride.

Wearing layers while e-biking in Zion will allow you to add or remove layers throughout the day to stay comfortable, no matter the weather!

Add a Wind-Blocking, Waterproof Outer Layer

After choosing your base and mid-layers, add a wind-blocking, waterproof outer layer. No matter what time of year you’re visiting, this layer is great for protecting your clothes from a sudden rain shower or keeping you warm if a breeze picks up later in the day. Most rainjackets are also lightweight and easy to stash in your bag when you don’t need them.

Choose Shorts or Close-Fitting Pants

When choosing what clothes to wear for your e-bike ride in Zion, keep in mind that loose-flowing layers like long skirts or shirts can get in the way while you ride. Clothing or accessories hanging down near your bike’s tires can quickly lead to a dangerous situation. 

While you don’t need to wear tight-fitting bike clothing for your ride in the park, opt for layers that fit close to the body and don’t have any long, hanging parts that could get in the way while you ride.

Skip the Sandals or Flip Flops

E-biking is a great, low-impact way to explore Zion National Park. With your electric bike doing the heavy lifting, you get to cruise along the Pa’rus Trail or the park’s roadways as you take in the sights.

But while e-biking may be a much easier way to explore the park than traditional biking or hiking, you’ll still want to leave your flip-flops or sandals in your hotel room. Close-toed shoes help to protect your feet from rocks and debris both as you ride and when stopping or starting. You don’t need to purchase bike shoes, though; gym shoes or lightweight hiking boots work great!

Don’t Forget Sunglasses

Don’t forget to pack a pair of sunglasses for your ride! Between the bright sun and the glare from shuttle buses and the Virgin River, you’ll want a pair of sunglasses both to protect your eyes and make sure that you can see everything as you ride through Zion.

E-Biking in Zion National Park

E-biking in Zion National Park is a fun, low-impact way to explore the park! You don’t need biking experience or gear to enjoy an e-bike adventure, either. But wearing the right clothing can help you stay safe and comfortable during your ride.

Ready to start planning your own e-biking adventure? Book your e-bike rental in Zion today!