What You Need to Know About Biking in Zion National Park

by | Jul 31, 2022

Want to take a break from hiking and give your feet a rest? Looking for a new way to experience Zion National Park? Have little ones who struggle to keep up with long walks on vacation? Renting an e-bike may be just the answer. Biking in Zion National Park, and especially e-biking, is a fun and exciting way to see the park without pedaling up steep inclines. 

Greater Zion E-Bikes makes it easy for visitors to experience Zion by e-bike. Whether you’re an experienced biker or trying out an e-bike for the first time, we can help ensure that your trip is fun, safe, and memorable. And that starts with making sure that you understand the rules for biking in the park. 

Keep reading to learn what you need to know about biking in Zion National Park, as well as a few tips for making the most of your adventure on two wheels.

The Rules for Biking in Zion National Park

Whether on an e-bike or a regular bicycle, cycling is a great way to experience Zion National Park. But knowing the rules ahead of time and following them while you ride can help you stay safe and have a great time. Let’s take a closer look at some rules for biking in Zion National Park.

Skip the Shuttle Bus Lines

For much of the year, the only road leading into the Lower Canyon of Zion is closed to visitor traffic. Instead, only shuttle buses can drive into the canyon. This is done in an effort to eliminate parking and traffic struggles caused by growing visitor numbers. Unfortunately, on busy days, lines often form for the shuttle bus, making it tough to get around the park quickly. 

However, what many first-time visitors don’t know is that bikes are still allowed on the road even when personal vehicles are not. With an e-bike rental, you can easily get into Zion and get from one destination to the next in the Lower Canyon without having to hop on a shuttle bus. This means you can spend less time standing in line and more time exploring! Our e-bike rentals even include a bike lock so that you can easily secure your bike at trailheads while you hike.

Where Can You Cycle in the Park?

Bicycles are not allowed on most trails in Zion National Park. However, there is one exception; Pa’rus Trail. This paved trail starts at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and is a great place for a bike ride. You’ll follow the winding Virgin River as you head deeper into the canyon, with great views of Zion’s peaks far above you. This trail is just under 3.5 miles out and back. E-bikes and regular bikes are permitted on this trail. 

In addition to the Pa’rus Trail, e-bikes are also allowed on all park roadways. 

Laws About Bikes in Zion National Park

Both e-bikes and regular bikes must follow a few rules for biking in Zion National Park. First, bikes must always ride single file on the right side of the road. Cyclists should limit themselves to groups of 6 bikes or less to avoid creating hazards for cars trying to pass. You are required to pull over to the side of the road and come to a complete stop when a shuttle bus approaches. These buses will not pass cyclists and must wait for you to stop so that they can pass.

Bikes and e-bikes are not allowed to pass through the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel. Hitch-hiking with trucks has long been a popular way for cyclists to get through the tunnel. However, you should practice caution, and consider arranging your own ride through the tunnel. Or, enjoy biking in the popular Lower Canyon instead!

Planning Your E-Bike Adventure in Zion

Ready to experience Zion National Park on two wheels? An e-bike rental is a great choice. E-bikes are a fun and easy way to experience the park in a whole new way. Zip along roadways, get to and from trailheads without having to catch the shuttle and take a relaxing cruise along the popular Pa’rus Trail.

Greater Zion E-bikes is here to make sure that your adventure is fun, memorable, and most importantly, safe. That’s why all of our rentals include a brief but informative orientation. During this session, you’ll learn how to operate your e-bike, and get an overview about the rules that you’ll need to follow. You’ll even try out your e-bike with our experienced guides there to lend a hand and offer some tips. Each e-bike rental also includes a helmet.

Ready to try out biking in Zion National Park on an e-bike? Reserve your rental today!