The Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

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Finding meaningful gifts for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life can sometimes be a challenge. They often already have the gear that they want or need, or you have no idea what new gear they might like. But you still want to choose a special gift that they’ll not only use but also love.

At Greater Zion E-Bikes, we know how tough finding the best gifts for outdoor lovers can be. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best. From a Zion electric bicycle rental to a national park annual pass, keep reading for some great gift ideas.

A National Park Annual Pass

For outdoor lovers who enjoy exploring national parks, a national park annual pass is definitely one of the best gifts for outdoor lovers. Called the America the Beautiful Pass, it provides access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites across the U.S. This includes iconic parks like Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park.

With many parks charging anywhere from $20 to $35 to enter, this $80 annual pass could wind up saving your friend or loved one a lot of money. It’s also a great motivator to explore more of the National Park Service sites across the country.

A Unique Experience

Perhaps the best gifts for outdoor lovers are gifts of amazing experiences. Experience-based gifts are great for reducing waste and for giving someone special a more personalized and thoughtful gift. There’s even research that suggests that giving an experience can help foster a stronger relationship with the person that you’re buying for. This is especially true if you give them an experience that you can enjoy together.

There’s no shortage of different types of experience-based gifts you could give. You could give them a weekend adventure in Zion, a class to help them learn a new skill like rock climbing or canyoneering, or a tour. If you’re local to Southern Utah or know that the person you’re buying for will be visiting soon, why not give them a Zion electric bicycle rental?

A Zion e-bike adventure is not only the best way to see the national park, but also a fun new experience people of all ages will enjoy. With ebikes Zion, you won’t have to worry about your friend or loved one having e-biking experience. If you can ride a bike, you can ride an e-bike! A Zion e-bicycle rental is also a great way to get around the park and make the most of your day, especially during the busy summer season in the park.

If you want to give your friend or loved one an unforgettable experience during their next visit to Southern Utah, consider gifting a Zion electric bicycle rental.

Portable Power Bank

Disconnecting from technology is one perk of spending time outdoors. But today’s modern technology can help keep us safe while we explore, and even make our adventures a little more accessible.

A portable power bank allows outdoor lovers to charge all kinds of electronic devices, including smartphones, cameras, or GPS devices while on the go. For instance, they can quickly charge their cell phone in their backpack while they ride through the park on their Zion e-bicycle rental so that they’ll have enough power to capture some photos at their next stop.

Look for a power bank with a high capacity and multiple charging ports so that it can charge more than one thing at a time. Waterproof and shockproof features are also great to have for outdoor use.

Adventure Journal

An adventure journal is a great gift for outdoor lovers who like to document their experiences and trips. It gives them a space to record memories, jot down their thoughts, take notes to help plan future trips, and even to sketch or attach photos.

Look for a journal that’s made from sturdy materials so that they can bring it along on their adventures. You’ll also want to choose one with plenty of pages so they have room to include many different trips! Bonus points if you choose a travel journal in a style that matches their personal style.

Choosing the Best Gifts for Outdoor Lovers

The best gifts for outdoor lovers are the ones that help them to enjoy their favorite activities in a safer way, or that help them to enjoy a brand new adventure. From a Zion electric bicycle rental to an adventure journal, these gifts are just a few of the things you could get for the outdoor enthusiast in your life.

If a Zion e-bicycle rental is on your list, Greater Zion E-Bikes can help. We offer a variety of Zion rentals and add-ons that can help anyone enjoy a fun e-biking adventure in the national park. Reserve an e-bike rental for your friend or loved one, and treat them to a gift they’ll love!