Safety Tips for E-Biking in Zion National Park

by | Sep 21, 2022

E-biking in Zion National Park is a fun and unique way to experience the park. You’ll get to feel the wind on your face as you cruise beneath Zion’s towering peaks. As an added bonus, you’ll get to skip the challenge of finding parking in Springdale or waiting in line to hop on the shuttle bus!

Planning your first e-bike adventure with Greater Zion E-Bikes? Keep reading to learn a few simple tips to stay safe while e-biking in Zion.

Ride on the Right Side in a Single File Line

Whether you’re e-biking in Zion National Park or cruising through Springdale, one of the most important safety rules to remember is to ride on the right side of the road. Stay on the road, but staying close to the edge to allow vehicles to pass when it is safe to do so. If you’re riding with others, including even one more bike, ride in a single file line at all times. This will help keep traffic flowing and allow you to stay safely to the edge of the road.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

A cruise through Zion National Park on your Greater Zion E-Bikes rental is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the park. But while taking in the stunning views while you ride is tempting, it can also be dangerous.

There are plenty of things to distract you or grab your attention while you ride. Other cars and shuttle buses are sharing the roadways. Pedestrians may be hiking along the road or crossing at crosswalks. Wildlife like mule deer, rock squirrels, and even bighorn sheep are a common site along roadways in the park. 

It’s important to keep your eyes on the road, scanning back and forth for wildlife, people, or vehicles that could cross your path. If you want to pause to watch some wildlife or take in a great view, come to a stop, get off the road, and dismount your bike. That way, you can enjoy the view safely and take any pictures that you’d like. If you want to get a video of your ride, use a camera mount on your bike or on your helmet or chest rather than trying to hold the camera. Start and stop recording while your bike is stopped, rather than while you ride.

Give Shuttle Buses the Right of Way

For most of the year, Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is closed to visitor traffic through the Lower Canyon. During this time, shuttle buses ferry guests into the Lower Canyon, stopping at a variety of places throughout the Lower Canyon, allowing you to get off at trailheads, picnic areas, the Zion Lodge, and more. 

While you can’t drive your car into the Lower Canyon when the Zion Canyon Shuttle buses are in operation, you can ride a bike there. An e-bike rental is a great way to get around the Lower Canyon without having to wait in line for shuttle buses. You can hop from one trail to another on your own schedule.

For safety reasons, these shuttle buses cannot pass any moving bicycles. For that reason, if a shuttle bus is approaching you from behind, you’ll want to pull off to the side of the road and come to a stop. This will help keep traffic moving, while also keeping cyclists safe on Zion’s roadways.

If you want to avoid having to stop as frequently for shuttle buses, plan to do your riding in the morning or evening. Buses run less frequently during these times, which means that the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive will be less busy.

Stop for Crosswalks

Just as cars and shuttle buses are expected to stop for pedestrians crossing roadways at crosswalks, you should also come to a stop on your bike to wait for foot traffic to pass.

Take it Slow

Even if you plan to stick to Zion’s Lower Canyon, you’ll still be riding up and down some steep hills. Your e-bike will help take some of the strain off of pedaling uphill. But because you will still be peddling to assist your bike and avoid running the battery out, you may still feel the strain of pedaling uphill. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take it slow, and take breaks as needed. 

For safety reasons, take it slow when going down a steep grade, or when riding on Pa’rus Trail. Uneven spots in the pavement, pedestrians, and wildlife can all make roadways dangerous, especially at high speeds. Slowing down will allow you to continue scanning the road in front of you for any potential hazards.

Safely E-Biking in Zion National Park

Ready to try e-biking in Zion National Park for the very first time? These simple tips can help you stay safe on the road!

When you pick up your bike from Greater Zion E-Bikes, you’ll also get a quick safety briefing. Your instructor will remind you of the rules for riding in the park and in Springdale, and offer some tips to help you ride with confidence. You can also check out this guide for some more tips for your first e-bike adventure.