How to Stay Hydrated During Your Zion E-Bike Ride

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An e-bike rental from Greater Zion E-Bikes is already a great way to beat the summer heat in Zion National Park. Rather than standing in the hot sun waiting for your turn on the Zion Canyon Shuttles, you’ll be able to zip through the park to get from trailhead to trailhead or overlook to overlook. The electric motor on your bike makes pedaling easier, which is great on the hottest days. Add in the breeze on your face during your ride, and you’ve got the perfect activity to enjoy during your summer visit to Southern Utah!

But while a Zion e-bike ride can help you stay cool, it’s still important to stay hydrated and be aware of the signs of dehydration while you ride. Failing to drink enough water before and during your visit to the park can leave you and your travel partners feeling ill, and could even leave you needing medical care.

If you’re planning a Zion e-bike ride while the temperatures are high, keep reading. We’re breaking down the signs of dehydration you need to know, and how to stay hydrated during your visit.

Know the Signs of Dehydration

When temperatures climb into the triple digits, you might find yourself working up a sweat even while zipping through the park on an e-bike rental. Wearing the right clothing, like lightweight, moisture-wicking clothes, can help with this. But you should pay attention to how much you’re sweating while you ride. If you suddenly notice that you’re sweating more than usual, it’s time to take a drink.

Many of the early signs of dehydration are easy to overlook. After all, staying hydrated won’t keep you from sweating on a hot day. However, it will help.

While you will likely sweat profusely as your body begins to dehydrate, as your condition worsens, you’ll actually stop sweating as your body tries to preserve what water it has left.

Another symptom of dehydration that often gets overlooked is dark-colored urine. Ideally, if you’re staying hydrated and don’t have any underlying conditions that can affect it, your urine should be pale yellow or nearly clear. Anything darker than the shade of your glass of lemonade is concerning.

Headaches often accompany dehydration. If it becomes severe, you might become confused and disoriented. Many people will quickly become lightheaded. If you don’t sit and hydrate quickly, you may pass out.

If you’re biking with a group and notice that one of your companions’ skin has gone pale, despite the heat and effort of the hike, it’s time to take a drink break. Pale skin and loss of pigmentation is another sign that a person is becoming dehydrated.

What to Do if You Get Dehydrated

If you or someone in your group gets dehydrated during your Zion e-bike ride, the first thing you should do is find a shady spot to stop. A picnic area or grassy spot is a good choice, but if you suspect that someone is dehydrated, the most important thing to do is stop quickly.

Once you’ve found your spot, sit, and slowly drink water. After your symptoms have gone away, you’re ready to hop back on your bike and ride! If your symptoms don’t subside, it’s a good idea to seek medical attention or head back to your hotel or vacation rental to take a break and cool off.

Staying Hydrated During Your Zion E-Bike Ride

One of the best safety tips you can follow while enjoying a Zion e-bike ride is to start hydrating ahead of your ride and stay hydrated throughout! Starting a week before your visit to Southern Utah, start paying attention to your daily water intake to ensure you’re hydrated at the start of your trip.

During your ride, your water bottle is just as important as your helmet, especially during the summer and early fall. Luckily, every e-bike rental at Greater Zion E-Bikes comes equipped with a basket or rack that makes it easy to stash a water bottle or two while you ride.

If you’re new to riding, it’s best to wait to take a sip when your bike is stopped. That way your full focus is on the road and any cars or walkers that might be crossing your path. Make sure to take frequent breaks to drink during your ride. If you’re traveling with children or older adults, remind them to keep drinking as well, even if they aren’t pedaling.

Planning a Safe Summer Zion E-Bike Ride

Don’t let the heat scare you away from enjoying a fun, safe Zion e-bike ride! While visiting Zion during the summer might mean higher temperatures, it also means longer days, beautiful weather, and that hours from local vendors are often longer. This adds up to a great time to experience this incredible national park!

An e-bike rental from Greater Zion E-Bikes is one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. Skip the shuttle lines and zip through the park with ease while you travel from trailhead to trailhead. Reserve a Zion e-bike rental for your visit today!