How to Plan For Your First Zion Electric Bicycle Rental

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With the growing popularity of ebike rentals, more and more people are seeking to explore outdoor destinations on two wheels. Electric bikes make cycling more accessible to people of all ages and athletic abilities. An e-bike can help you power up a tough hill or bike for longer than you could pedaling a traditional bike. It’s also a great way to enjoy an outdoor destination, allowing for wide-open views and the ability to cover more ground.

A Zion electric bicycle rental is the best way to explore this unique national park. When the Zion Canyon Shuttle is in operation, personal vehicles aren’t allowed in the Lower Canyon—but e-bikes are! With your Zion rentals, you can zip around the Canyon without waiting in line for a shuttle. Hop from one trailhead to the next, or simply take in the amazing, unobstructed views.

If you’re thinking about renting from Greater Zion E-Bikes during your next visit, keep reading. We’re breaking down what you need to know to plan for your very first e-bike rental.

Book Your Rental in Advance

With the growing popularity of e-bikes, it’s a good idea to book your Zion electric bicycle rental as early as possible. At Greater Zion E-Bikes, we offer several Zion rentals to choose from, and allow you to easily reserve your bike online. Our three ebike rental options are the RadRunner, the RadRover, and the RadWagon.

The RadRunner is our most popular ebike cruiser. This bike features a rear basket and pole holders to make it easy to carry your gear. A step-thru frame allows you to board the bike with ease, and a single-speed makes for a beginner-friendly ride.

The RadRover is a larger bike, with 4” Fat tires and seven-speed gears. This bike also has a rear rack to help you hold your gear.

The RadWagon includes a Passenger Package so that you can carry a child with you. This bike can hold up to 325 pounds, and a child seat or passenger seat can be added for an additional fee. A front basket is also provided to hold gear like water, a backpack, or snacks.

Our e-bike rentals are available for a Half Day rental (four hours), a Full Day rental (8 hours), or by the hour after 5 pm.

Know Where to Ride

Before you hit the road on your Zion electric bicycle rental, it’s important to make sure to know where you’re allowed to ride.

Bicycles, including ebike rentals, are not allowed on most trails in Zion National Park. The exception is the Pa’rus Trail. This paved, 3.5-mile trail begins at the Zion Canyon Visitor Center, and winds along the Virgin River into the Lower Canyon. Electric bicycles are allowed on this trail.

Ebike rentals are also allowed on all roadways in the park. You’ll need to follow traffic rules and ride in a single file on the edge of the roadway. But riding on the roads in the Lower Canyon can be an excellent way to get around without relying on the shuttle buses.

Safety First

Whether it’s your very first time on an ebike or not, it’s important to plan ahead for a safe ride in Zion. First, know that you should never ride without a helmet. A helmet is provided with your Zion electric bicycle rental. Our staff will make sure that your helmet fits properly before you hit the road.

Other important safety tips to know include:

  • Keep your eyes on the road and watch for wildlife, hikers, and buses.
  • Give shuttle buses the right of way. If one approaches you while you’re riding, move to the side of the road and come to a stop until they pass.
  • Don’t forget to watch for crosswalks, and yield for crossing hikers.

Pack the Right Gear

Having the right gear along for your ride can help ensure a safe and comfortable experience. Items like a helmet, bike lock, storage basket, and water bottle holder are provided with your rental. But while you’re making a list of what to pack for Zion National Park, you’ll want to include a couple of extra items for your e-bike ride.

Opt for clothing that is close-fitting but breathable. A pair of sunglasses can be great for enjoying a safe ride on a bright day. Bring a pair of gym shoes or lightweight hiking boots to ride in. If the weather is cool, make sure to dress in layers that you can add or shed during your ride.

Planning for Your First Electric Bicycle Rental

An electric bicycle rental is a great way to explore this unique and beautiful national park. Whether you’re an experienced rider or climbing on an e-bike for the first time, the staff at Greater Zion E-Bikes is here to help make your ride fun and safe.

Thinking about booking ebike rentals this summer? Reserve your ebike today!