How Much Does it Cost to Visit Zion National Park?

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Planning to visit Zion National Park in 2023? Unlike some national parks, you won’t need a reservation or timed-entry ticket in order to do so. But you will still need to pay an entrance fee.

While there are some national parks, like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, that don’t charge an entrance fee, many of the most popular parks do; including all five of Utah’s national parks.

How much can you expect to pay when you ride your e-bike from Greater Zion E-Bikes into the park? Keep reading to find out!

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Zion?

How much it will cost you to visit Zion National Park depends on how you choose to arrive at the park, and whether you plan to visit multiple times in a single year. The most common option is to purchase a Weekly Pass. This is the shortest possible pass that you can purchase; no day passes are available.

If you drive your personal vehicle into the park, you’ll pay $35 total for your carload of 15 or fewer people for a Weekly Pass. Those traveling by motorcycle will pay $30 for their vehicle and all occupants.

But if you choose to ride the Zion Canyon Shuttle to the entrance to the park, or if you rent an e-bike and ride to the park’s entrance, you’ll pay the per-person fee, which is $20 for individuals ages 16 or older for a Weekly Pass. Children aged 15 or younger can enter free of charge! You will not need to pay an additional fee to take your e-bike into the park.

Each of these pass options allows you to enter Zion National Park for seven consecutive days. It provides access to both the Zion Canyon and the Kolob Canyon area. You can pay this entrance fee directly at the entrance booth to Zion National Park. These passes cannot be purchased in advance.

Zion Annual Pass

But what if you plan to visit Zion National Park multiple times within a single year? You could pay for a seven-day pass each time that you visit. Or, you can purchase a Zion Annual Pass!

This pass is available at the entrance to the park and costs $70. The Zion Annual Pass gets you admission to Zion National Park for one year from your purchase date. It can get not only the cardholder but three additional guests into the park each visit.

So if you’re planning to rent an e-bike to ride it into the park with three other adult guests, you can actually save $10 on your entry fees by purchasing a Zion Annual Pass for one member of your group! Keep in mind that children ages 15 and younger will not need to count to that total, as they enter the park for free.

You can also upgrade your weekly pass to an annual pass within seven days of your original purchase. So if you’ve been at the park for a couple of days and are already ready to start planning a return trip, you can upgrade to a Zion Annual Pass by paying the difference between your original ticket and your annual pass.

National Park Annual Passes

A Zion Weekly Pass or Annual Pass will only get you entry into Zion National Park. This means that if you want to explore other national parks in the region, you’ll need to pay their entrance fee separately.

Bryce Canyon National Park, located just under two hours from Zion National Park, charges the same fees for their Weekly Pass. You’ll pay $35 per carload, or $20 per person if entering on foot or on a bike. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park is just under three hours away by car, making it another great day trip. You’ll pay $35 per carload or $20 per person to enter this park as well.

If you know that you’ll be visiting multiple national parks within a single year, you can purchase an interagency annual pass, called the America the Beautiful Pass. This pass allows access to all national parks, as well as other National Park Service sites, like national landmarks, monuments, battlefields, and more. Ask any national park pro, and they’ll tell you that this pass is a must!

For most guests, the America the Beautiful Annual Pass costs $80. You can purchase this pass at most federal recreation sites, including the entrance to Zion National Park. The pass allows access for the cardholder and up to three guests. You can also order this pass online.

Current U.S. military members and their dependents can get a Military Annual Pass for free. Gold Star Military Families and U.S. citizens and permanent residents with permanent disabilities can get a lifetime annual pass free of charge as well. Individuals ages 62 or older can get a Lifetime Senior Pass for $80, or a discounted Annual Senior Pass for $20.

For each of these special annual passes, you will need to present paperwork or IDS in order to be eligible. You can check those requirements here.

Planning Your Visit to Zion National Park

Purchasing an annual pass is a great way to save some money on your national park visits—and a great excuse to visit Zion more than once this year! Trust us, once you’ve taken an e-bike ride with Greater Zion E-Bikes, you won’t be able to wait to get back!

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