First Timer’s Tips for Riding an E-Bike in Zion 

by | Jul 20, 2022

Thinking about renting an e-bike in Zion during your next visit? Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or a first-time rider, this can be a great way to see the park in a whole new light. 

Anyone can ride an e-bike — especially with some help from the experienced staff at Greater Zion E-Bikes. But if it’s your first time hitting the road on two motorized wheels, it’s normal to be nervous. Keep reading to learn a few simple first-timer’s tips that can help you feel more confident and comfortable while e-biking in Zion.

Understand How E-Bikes Work

Ahead of your visit to Zion and your e-bike rental, it’s a good idea to take some time to learn how e-bikes work and what makes them different from regular bikes. This will help you to better understand what to expect when you hop on your e-bike rental.

To start, e-bikes are typically heavier than traditional bikes. You won’t need to worry about this extra weight as you ride, because the motor will help you glide up hills with ease. But if you’re used to riding a regular bike, the extra weight may make getting on and off the bike feel a bit different. 

While your e-bike will power you along the roads and trails of Zion, you’ll still want to peddle. This helps to extend the range of your battery and helps your bike get up steep hills. It’s also an easier way to start your e-bike from a stopped position. If it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a bike, don’t fret; while you will be peddling, your e-bike rental will do much of the work, making for an easy ride!

Another important thing to keep in mind is to check your bike’s battery level. Our Zion e-bike rentals can carry you for between 30 and 40 miles on a single charge, which will be more than enough for a great day of riding in and around the park. But if your battery starts getting low, you’ll know that it’s time to head back to Springdale.

Keep Your Focus on the Road

Something else that sets e-bikes apart from traditional bikes is that for many casual riders, you’ll be traveling much faster on your e-bike. This, combined with the stunning views that will surround you and the fact that you won’t need to be as focused on peddling, can make it tempting to lose focus on the road in front of you. 

But while you will want to take them in, it’s very important to stay focused on the road during your ride. Especially when traveling along roadways or busy trails, always keep your eyes scanning the path in front of you. Watch for walkers, wildlife, and obstructions that you’ll need to avoid. 

When riding along the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, keep in mind that the shuttle buses have the right of way. They won’t pass bicycle riders on the roadway. If you see one coming, move to the side and wait for it to pass. Also, all bikers, including those on e-bikes, must ride in a single file on the side of the road.

Always Wear Your Helmet

Your e-bike rental comes with your choice of one of our e-bikes, as well as some important gear. It also comes with a bike lock that you can use to secure your bike while you hike a trail or enjoy lunch in Springdale. You’ll also get a storage basket or rack perfect for stashing your gear, a phone mount that you can use to follow your GPS while you ride, and a water bottle holder. You’ll also receive a helmet.

Anytime you’re riding, it’s important to wear your helmet. Even if you’re a confident cycler, accidents can happen, and your helmet can help to protect you, just in case.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions During Your Orientation

Before you take off on your Zion e-bike rental, you’ll get a brief but thorough orientation. At this time, our staff will show you how your bike works and offer some tips for your ride. 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during your orientation. Our friendly staff will be happy to offer additional help and guidance so that you’ll feel more confident and comfortable during your ride!

Stay Hydrated While You Ride

While your e-bike might do the heavy lifting as you glide through the park, you’ll still be doing some peddling. During the summer months, in particular, you’ll also be riding in the hot sun. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and drink frequently while you ride in order to stay hydrated. 

Avoid Loose or Distracting Clothing

A ride through Zion National Park on an e-bike is a great way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon during your vacation. But you’ll still want to dress similarly to how you would if you were exploring the park on a traditional bike or even on foot.

Avoid clothing that is too tight, constricting, or hot. This will make it more difficult to get on and off your bike and will leave you uncomfortable while you ride. You’ll also want to avoid long, loose clothing that could get in the way while you ride.

Comfortable, moisture-wicking athletic wear is a great choice. This will help you stay cool and comfortable so that you can focus on your ride. 

Enjoying Your E-Bike in Zion

Ready to hit the road on your first e-bike adventure in Zion? From wearing the right gear to learning a little about e-bikes ahead of your visit, these tips can help ensure that your first ride is an enjoyable and memorable one!

If you’re planning to rent an e-bike during your trip, check out this guide next to learn more about biking in Zion National Park.