Electric Bike Rentals: FAQs About Renting E-Bikes In Zion

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Determining how you are going to get around on vacation is one of those things that can cause a lot of stress when traveling. You must ask yourself if driving is the best option, if walking will be quicker and a great way to avoid traffic, or if E-biking might be an option. Depending on where you’re staying, electric bike rentals might be the most cost-effective and logical source of transportation. 

If you’ve never rented a bike of any kind, you might have a series of questions we are here to help answer! Greater Zion E-Bike Rentals is Zion National Park’s leading E-bike rental store. You can rent an e-bike for your Zion adventure through us, and you will have all the tools you need to have a good time. We’ve been doing this for a while, so we’ll be able to answer the questions you might have about electric bike rentals! 

What Types of Bikes are Available to Rent In Zion?

Greater Zion E-Bike Rentals offers three high-quality e-bikes that you can take out and ride around the national park in style! 

The most popular one of our bikes is the RadRunner; this bike is ideal for the serious hikers who are packing all of their gear with them. These bikes are equipped with a rear basket and a place to store your hiking poles safely. This bike is also great for those with little ones because you can add a child seat to your rental so they can join in on the fun! 

The second one of the bikes we offer at Zion E-Bike Rentals is the RadRover. This bike has 4″ fat tires, 7 speed-gears, and a large rack for storage on the back. This bike will be ideal for riders in the height range of 5’4″ to 6’5″! 

Finally, the third bike we offer is the RadWagon, and it doesn’t fail to live up to its name! This bike is large and can hold up to 325 pounds with two storage racks, one on the front and one on the back. 

What Does it Cost to Rent an E-Bike? 

Buying an E-bike isn’t always affordable, so renting one is an affordable way to experience the perks of an electric bike without paying big bucks! 

The price of renting a bike from Greater Zion E-Bike Rentals ranges from $25/hour to $95 for 8 hours. This allows you to have plenty of adventures with your bike! 

What are the requirements to Rent A Bike?

Electric E-bike rentals are easy to rent! You need to be over 18 years old or as young as 12 when you have a parent or guardian with you. We will also ask you for a valid ID, cellphone number, email, and credit card. 

Are Helmets Provided? 

Yes, Greater Zion E-Bike Rentals provides a helmet with every bike rental. Bike helmets are one of the best ways to stay safe while biking, especially in crowded areas like Zion National Park.  

Our top priority is that you stay safe on your electric bike rentals; next is that you have fun! 

How far can my E-Bike Travel? 

E-bikes are unique because they can go further than regular bikes because as you peddle, the battery gives your bike a little more power to make your job easier. This also means you might overestimate how far you can go on one charge. Once your e-bike is dead, it performs like other bikes. The Zion e-bikes we offer can travel between 30-45 miles on one charge. There are a few things you can do to get the best range possible! 

Am I Responsible For Damages? 

Yes, if the bike becomes damaged during your ride, you will be held responsible for the repair cost according to the waiver you signed when renting the bike. You can see the Greater Zion E-Bike Rentals.

Can I Park the Bike to Hike? 

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! Each trailhead will have a bike rack for you to park your bike, and you will be provided a bike lock to keep it safe. But please remember that we are not responsible for any personal items lost or stolen. 

Zion National Park is very e-bike friendly, and you can make the most out of your time by renting an E-bike through Greater Zion E-Bike Rentals.

We recommend that you do your research on the bike paths in Zion and easily accessible hikes before committing to an electric bike rentals. 

You can find the answers to more questions and rent your bike all in one spot at the Greater Zions E-Bike Rentals website