E-Bike Rentals, Snacks, and Fun: Tips for Planning Trips With Kids

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As a parent, you know the value of creating amazing experiences for your kids. But you probably also know that planning a vacation with kids is complicated. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor vacations. Whether you’re finding kid-friendly trails or looking for activities that are accessible for all ages, like e-bike rentals from Greater Zion E-Bikes, it’s not quite as easy as packing a suitcase and hitting the road without a plan.

Planning a getaway with kids of any age comes with a little extra work. But it can be an amazing way to create new memories as a family. It’s a chance to teach your little ones important life lessons. It can also help your kids learn new skills and have new experiences. What better place to do so than in one of the country’s most incredible national parks?

If you’re thinking about planning a Zion National Park vacation with the whole family, keep reading. We’re breaking down a few tips to help you plan a fun, successful trip for all ages.

Start With Some Loose Plans

When hiking with a friend or spouse, you probably already have an idea of the types of trails that you can handle, as well as how long they might take you. You can arrive at Zion, grab a map at the Visitor Center, and pick a trail on a whim. Armed with your hiking boots, sunscreen, boots, and water, you can spend your day enjoying a spontaneous hike.

With kids, things get a bit more tricky. Is that trail rated “moderate” because of its length? Or is it because of treacherous rocks or cliff faces you’ll have to traverse? Will that easy trail really take just an hour? Or will there be side trips that could stretch it into 2 or 3? Are the temperatures expected to rise, making even a short trail dangerously difficult for young hikers?

Traveling without a set plan can be exciting. However, when it comes to traveling with kids, it’s always a good idea to have at least some loose plans. Make a list of hiking trails that you think your kids can handle. Then, make some plans that don’t involve hiking. Plan to spend a day using e-bike rentals to zip through the park and nearby Springdale when the little ones need a break. Book an off-road Jeep tour the whole family can enjoy together. Having some plans ready to go can help make your trip much less stressful.

Get the Whole Family Involved

While you should be the one researching and ultimately choosing which hikes and activities will and won’t work for your family, it’s never too early to get kids involved in planning your vacation.

Talk with your little ones about what they would like to do on your vacation. Scroll through photos and videos online posted by other travelers, and discuss what looks fun to each member of your group. When kids are involved in the planning process, they’ll be much more likely to be happy and engaged during the actual trip.

While you’ll want to expose your kids to some new activities, looking for some that are familiar to your little ones can also help them to get excited during your trip. For instance, if your kids love riding their bikes at home, a Zion e-bike rental can be a fun, yet familiar activity for the family to enjoy together!

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Your Plans

Even though you aren’t creating a strict timeline, you might still be tempted to make a list of things you want to tackle in a day. While this is fine, it’s still a good idea to give yourself plenty of wiggle room in case you can’t get to everything.

You never know when a short trail might turn into hours of playing in a stream or spotting wildlife. Maybe your little ones are more tired than you expected, and you need to plan a day of rest in the middle of your trip. Or, you might find that your kids don’t love hiking, and suddenly your plans for the rest of your trip seem overwhelming. Being open to changing your plans can help ward off disappointment and help everyone have more fun.

Always Carry Snacks

One of the best tips you can follow when e-biking with kids is to always carry snacks. You already know how important it is to have plenty of water. But carrying snacks, even if you’re only planning for a shorter ride, can help keep little ones happy and occupied. A special snack or treat might be just the thing to ward off a temper tantrum during a long day!

Simple trail snacks like small apples, gummies, applesauce in pouches, crackers, and fruit skins are great for keeping kids full between meals while being active outdoors.

Booking E-Bike Rentals for Your Next Family Vacation

While Zion National Park is known for some challenging trails, it’s also known for being a great family-friendly destination. With kid-friendly trails and plenty of fun activities your family can enjoy together, it’s easy to plan a fun family vacation in Southern Utah.

E-bike rentals are a great activity to enjoy, no matter how young your kids are. Older kids can enjoy their very own e-bike rental, while little ones can ride on an adult’s e-bike. At Greater Zion E-Bikes, we offer both Passenger Packages and Thule Yepp Child Seats, so kids can ride comfortably and safely. Use your Zion e-bike rental to zip through the park, explore Springfield, and easily get to and from your hotel or vacation rental when it’s time for a nap or a meal!

Ready to start planning your own family e-bike adventure? Reserve your next e-bike rental today!